Sell Diabetic Test Strips for CASH

We are a small business that specializes in purchase of Diabetes Test Strips. Those who no longer need test strips can sell sealed boxes to us and earn cash. Although our basic aim is to supply these boxes at lower cost to those who cannot afford to pay higher costs of test strips, still we are offering the most amazing deals to you.

Jim's Message

Who We Are?

We are a small company with a big mission of supporting cash-starved diabetic population of US. We engage in diabetic test strips recycling during day-to-day activity. You sell diabetic test strips and earn cash from us. We provide your sold items at minimum operational margin to low-income diabetic people who do not have enough coverage to keep extra boxes in cupboard for emergencies.


Trusted Not To Compromise

We have set new standards of excellence in every department. You cannot trade with us until you do not confirm your diabetic test strips have neither expired nor damaged. You must be owner of test strips to sell them to us. We pay you quick cash immediately once we confirm your items are clear of any of the related concerns. Damaged boxes that reach us are mailed back to customer for mail charges or disposed of.


Why Deal With Us?

Have you switched brands or any loved one recently passed away and left unopened diabetic supplies in the cupboard? Don’t let those diabetic test strips get rusty and expire. You can convert them into cash by dealing with us. Let it be clear that our profit margins are very thin due to which you would get best prices for your test strips. Sell your test strips to help us succeed in a great cause.


We Support Diabetic People

America’s diabetic population counts in millions and not all of them have enough support to manage cash for diabetic supplies. Our entire business is streamlined for care of these diabetic Americans. Your diabetic test strips sold to us would reach them at almost the same cost that you get from us. That’s why dealing with us is like supporting a great cause of the service of humanity.