About Us

We are a small business that specializes in Purchase and Resale of Diabetic Test Strips. Those who no longer need test strips can sell SEALED boxes to us and earn CASH!!!

We have been operating from Abington (MA) and have been in business for over nine years now and during that time we have helped literally thousands of people take an item that was left over every month and turn it into CASH.

Our distinguished quality is an unparalleled commitment for acting like a bridge between seller and buyer of diabetic strips.

We pay you maximum cash for each unexpired and unopened box of diabetic test strips. Boxes that we purchase from you get supplied to poor diabetic people at slightly higher cost than what we spend to get them. This cost is technically termed as ‘operational margin’ and we have kept it to minimum in everybody’s best interest.

We act like a moderator as well so you cannot sell damaged or expired test strips boxes while dealing with us.

As a small business, we have established ourselves as an authority in each department. You cannot get a quote to sell diabetic test strips without approving that your boxes are factory-sealed. See our Get a Quote form for more details.
If we find a test strips box is damaged or expired, you will either get it back by bearing the shipping cost or allow us to dispose it off.

We pay fast cash for your test strips as well as bear 100% Shipping Cost.

Not only amount of the cash we pay for your test strips is the biggest but also that we bear 100% cost on shipping after your boxes are cleared. You should read our terms and conditions page before sending your supplies.

Reselling diabetic test strips gets Very Simple, Very Easy and Very Fast with CashForYourTestStrips.com

We want to buy your diabetic test strips. All you need to do is to fill up our Get-a-Quote form or dial our 800-413-3479 helpline. We will reach you immediately.

By dealing with CashForYourTestStrips.com, you are going to join our list of thousands of satisfied clients. Remember, some diabetic person needs your extra diabetic test strips right now! So don’t let them catch up dust and expire.


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